Since our platform launch in 2019, we’ve been diligent in our vision to see a world where black businesses are heavily promoted and showcased accordingly to receive the same recognition as their counterparts. At Blacklanta, we want companies, families, and organizations to thrive in our community. In an effort to mainstream that goal, we’ve curated a platform to support black-owned businesses based in Atlanta, Georgia. Our priority is to elevate the presence and positioning of black owners and their fantastic innovations, companies, and brands, as well as provide incredible job opportunities for everyone interested. With the amount of limitless talent and ability that the city of Atlanta has to offer, we created this site to focus on support, education, and growth to continue the movement of circulating the black dollar back into the community.

For our founder Raven Strode, this journey for highlighting black entrepreneurs has been one based on unity. With a mission to create more collaboration in the black community, Blacklanta was designed to make a difference for the future of this beloved city. Through our site, owners can list their businesses, services, and products to gain the proper exposure they deserve through our multilayered platform. By publishing and promoting these businesses, you can trust the collection of companies displayed on our pages are those of high caliber and work extremely hard to be great at what they do.

The team at Blacklanta aims to be intentional about inclusivity and normalize business owners of color. By strengthening the companies in our community, we work to strengthen our futures in the process. Use our service as a space to discover your new favorite restaurant, barber, stylist, clothing store, and so much more. Better yet, become a part of our team and start your journey with an incredible group of individuals. Together we can expand Black communities’ economic power and regain the momentum to make a change in powerful ways. Follow our movement and be the impact that supports and drives us in the direction we need right now more than ever. It is our promise to stay committed and passionate in building a bridge between business resources and consumers for the people of Atlanta.